In 2014 and 2015 the Dutch DJ Robert van de Corput aka DJ Hardwell was 1st in the global DJ rankings.

For his first worldtour, I designed a virtual stage, mapped on a giant LED screen. Together with KBKvisuals we created virtual video screens within this stage. The video screens showing the VJ work are dynamic. Their dimensions vary and pop-up in different parts on the stage. For the audience we created an believable illusion of a real stage with lights, cables and a virtual steel construction.

The 'United We Are' tour was built in 2014 and 2015. Everything started half a year before the production, from my concept of a supercomputer that grew smarter and became self-aware. The visual experience with video, laser, lights, intro and stage construction was in service of this overarching concept. In addition, all the elements like the lightbeams, LED strips in the stage-construction and the videocontent merged seamlessly into each other. We hired Naivi for the procedurally generated content of the show.

IAM Harwell Virtual Stage
Different layout of animated stage
layout of animated stage
Lights are controlled seperately
Close-up. Trus-contruction is not real
UWA premiere Ziggodome
IAM Hardwell UWA Ziggodome
IAM Hardwell UWA
Intro for Hardwell Eclipse
Intro for Hardwell Eclipse at ADE